Ready? Here We Go!

Day 1: Calibrating and Mapping

I was having trouble with an app on my Home Theater PC (HTPC) about a month ago, so I re-formatted the hard drive.

That meant I had to remap the dance pad, which went pretty well once I remembered how — the documentation on both ends was lacking the part about connecting one to the other.

BUT then I tried to dance and it was so far off it was ridiculous.

I went to Options > Global Audio Offset and did the calibration with my feet several times — good workout, but didn’t fix anything. It was giving me “fantastics” and then I’d go to an actual song and it would still be completely out of sync with the music.

Having already gotten my heart rate up with the calibration steps, I decided to spend the last 10 minutes of my 20 minute minimum dancing around the apartment. Naturally, Keith was appalled.

After getting my 20 minutes of continuous heart pumping (plus 10 minutes of off and on exertion), I sat down and did the Global Audio Offset again with a keyboard several times and it was the same problem!

I finally looked up how to manually set the Global Audio Offset, and went back and forth between the .ini file (which wouldn’t stay defaulted to text edit so that was annoying) and the game, keyboarding through a very simple song (Apache) on the beginner setting (a level 1)…EVENTUALLY, after at least 10 times, I got it CLOSE ENOUGH. As I improve I might try to fine-tune even better, as I’m sure that 16th of a second or whatever will matter more and make it harder to pass songs as I go up in skill level.

Day 2


Timing still feels ever so slightly off but close enough to get some fantastics.

Scores were pretty low, and I could tell it wasn’t perfect, but I did get an A+ on Apache so close enough.

Featured Photo by Verena Yunita Yapi on Unsplash

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